Ash Wednesday is March 2nd

We will have a soup supper in the Fellowship Hall at 5:30pm

Worship will begin at 6:30pm


Our Lenten Worship Series this year will focus on the theme “Unraveled”.

We have all had times when life goes well. But there are times when life just seems to unravel; and our carefully laid out plans go awry - loved ones are lost , jobs are lost, marriages dissolve, and for many other reasons. How do we continue on? In this unraveling life may just surprise us with unexpected joy, love, hope and a new beginning we had never imagined before.


Our Lenten Series will explore a number of themes about the unraveling of a life. The stories we will examine are stories about where God meets us in this unraveling and moves us to something new.


Each week we will have a different speaker, Pastor and Lay, from around the East Conference who will bring us God’s message of Hope in times of our unraveling. Join us on this Lenten journey either in person or on-line on Wednesday evenings beginning March 2, 2022 at 6:30 pm. Ash Wednesday Service will include the imposition of ashes.